Ask. Listen. Solve

Crystal is a very good teacher. Lessons are interesting and effective. She is very aware of the level of the student and gives the essentials. I’m so happy that I met Crystal. I highly recommend her!

Professional and Culturally Aware

Crystal tutored me last year for several months, she was a great tutor and knows how to keep you engaged during her class. She was always on time and very professional! My vocabulary had enriched more and I feel more confident when it comes to writing an email, talking over the phone, or in person.

Flora, Peru

Lucky Me!

Crystal has been a great tutor, I was so nervous of attending a regular large ESL class since I don't speak the language, but Crystal made things easy for my understanding because she also knows spanish!:)

Cheche, Peru

Highly Recommended

My teacher helped me speak English words better. We practice talking and now I am not shy about speaking English in public. I speak words properly. I also work during daytime. Her schedule is easy for me helping me learn English after work.

Thidarat, Thailand

Endless Opportunities

I've worked with Crystal for a few months now. She is helping me with Business & Conversational English. I appreciate the time she puts into our lessons and feedback.

Allen, S. Korea

Approachable and Compassionate

Crystal taught me to approach college essay writing from a different perspective, all through face time from the convenience of my home in Brazil. Without her help, I wouldn't have been accepted into Lynn University for a B.S. now I'm back in the United States pursuing my Bachelors. Thanks Crystal!

Larissa, Brazil


Ms. O. is very professional and knowledgeable in English. I appreciate the time and planning she puts into my lessons and patience, she has in clarifying areas I didn't fully understand. My vocabulary and comprehension have increased in a short time. Excellent experience!

Hakan, Turkey

Passionate and Greatly Well Prepared

I am learning English from her. She is always passionate tutoring and prepares class well. Her English is strongly organized and certified. Above all things, she shows me the way she lives enthusiastically. I am excited about improvement with her. I highly recommend her as a English tutor.

Beomjin, S.Korea

Helpful Tutor

"I worked with Crystal O. for three months...". She is very helpful!
My English and my TOEFL score have improved and I was accepted into the college of my choice.
She is always prepared for the lesson and is very nice and respectful. I recommend her to you.

Aalaa, Saudi Arabia

Great Tutor

Crystal O. is a great tutor. She is always well prepared for each session and helps you specifically with your needs in the language.
Definitely hiring her was the best decision I ever made and the best that you can make.

Orlando, Puerto Rico

5 Star Experience

Crystal is a great tutor. Her teaching style is authentic and original and I enjoyed our lessons.

Ahmed, Saudi Arabia

Confidence Booster

Crystal provided me with 1:1 ESL lessons for 6 months. During this time I noticed my comprehension and proficiency dramatically increase. As a result, I feel more confident. Learning new words has been very beneficial to me.

Satoko, Japan

Extremely Helpful

Crystal is extremely helpful when asked about post high school education. She gives step-by-step instructions on how to apply for scholarships and apply to schools. If you have a question on who to contact or to talk to, she will try her best to either assist you herself or she will refer you to someone who does know.

M.C., Chicago, IL

High Standards

Crystal and I have worked together for 9 months online. This time has gone by very quickly! I have improved greatly and my vocabulary has increased. I feel more confident when I am talking to her. Crystal, thank you so much for your help, because it’s not easy to work with me and you can do it

Jack, New Caledonia

I Accomplished My Goal

Crystal and I have been working since November 2014. During this time, Crystal has helped me with: my English language, adaptation to a new country and my professional plans for the future. Crystal is a teacher who focuses on goals of the student and creates a program to compliment it. Hence, every time I lose my hope Crystal know what to say! I definitely see a big difference between my first day and today. I now feel comfortable because I understand how Crystal and I can fix it.
Crystal, Thank you for teaching me!

Elena, Russia

A Passion to Perform

I’m very happy with my first lesson. Crystal is calm and very patient. I believe I’ll get my fluency in English with her help. I recommend Crystal as a tutor.

Claudia, Brazil